Stepping up the game: Mobile computers from DENSO optimise processes

Digitalisation is progressing in Europe. The BHT-M60 and BHT-1500 from DENSO, member of the Toyota Group, offer decisive advantages for mastering the constant challenges.

Stepping up the game: Mobile computers from DENSO optimise processes

The BHT-1500 and BHT-M60 from DENSO offer a wide range of advantages for process optimization.

Düsseldorf. Digitalisation is making great strides internationally. Germany must follow suit in order to be able to meet the challenges in Europe. Modern data collection devices play a decisive role in this process. DENSO WAVE EUROPE, part of the Toyota Group, offers the BHT-M60 and BHT-1500 mobile computers, which are already being used in successful projects to optimise processes. Customers from numerous industries such as logistics, transport, manufacturing, retail, and events are benefiting.

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Shoe retailer optimizes processes with the BHT-1500

The British shoe retailer schuh was looking for a mobile computer to reduce the time needed for stocktaking in its 132 shops in the UK and Ireland. The aim was to significantly reduce not only the time required, but also the costs. The original system was paper-based and therefore no longer suitable for the increasing customer requirements and larger stock levels. In the search for a modern solution, the retailer chose the BHT-1505BB from DENSO.

At 128 grams, the handheld terminal is particularly light and compact. The employees at schuh can quickly and easily connect the DENSO data collection device to a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth and transfer the necessary data. A long and complicated training process is not necessary.

The shoe retailer uses DENSO”s mobile computers for stocktaking, returning goods to the warehouse, checking deliveries, and ensuring that all products are displayed correctly in the shops. Thanks to DENSO”s handheld terminals, customers receive a better service as staff can advise more quickly on which size and colour of a shoe model is available. This enables schuh to create an effective demand and supply forecast. The increase in efficiency also saves employees a lot of time. Another clear benefit is the maximisation of productivity.

Advantages of the BHT-M60 from DENSO

The shoe retailer is therefore very satisfied with the many benefits of DENSO”s mobile computers and can warmly recommend the data capture device. The fast-scanning performance, the scanning angle, and the ergonomic shape are undoubtedly among the pro arguments. A newer model from DENSO, which offers many advantages as well, is the BHT-M60, now equipped with Android 13.

The BHT-M60 has one of the most powerful scan engines on the market and delivers top performance – even when processes are running simultaneously. As many processes are now influenced by digital innovations, the mobile computer from DENSO is an important companion in the digital revolution.

Warehouse picking made easy

The BHT-M60 also supports employees with order picking. Medicare, one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in Poland, has optimized its order picking processes with the BHT-M60 from DENSO.

Before using the handheld terminal, the usual solution was to print out the data in Medicare”s warehouse automation system. However, this not only resulted in a great deal of effort for the employees, but also led to human errors.

With the BHT-M60, on the other hand, long-term reliability was guaranteed, and the ecological footprint was reduced. In this case, the BHT-M60 even contributes to the company”s sustainability. For Medicare, the reduced number of errors in the individual work steps is also a long-term savings factor.

Shoes, pharmaceuticals, and more – DENSO optimizes them all

As a subsidiary of Toyota, DENSO WAVE EUROPE is a global provider of high-quality Auto-ID solutions that help companies not only to speed up processes, but also to optimize them sustainably. The success stories described above demonstrate the wide range of benefits offered by mobile computers. Thus, when it comes to the challenges of digitalization, data capture devices from DENSO should always be considered.

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