Nexway takes over operations of download portal Softwareload

Nexway has taken on exclusive rights to handle all website operations of Deutsche Telekom”s download shop Softwareload ( The European leader of digital content solutions has acquired a license for all European activities.

The brand and domain rights will remain with Deutsche Telekom. As of Mai, responsibility for all partner management and customer care activities will be managed by Nexway, and Telekom will continue their Marketing activities for the German portal. The European shops in Great Britain, Switzerland as well as the European portal will be transferred in the third quarter of 2012.
To better service the extensive needs of this project, Nexway has activated its e-commerce “Digital Premium Channel” platform dedicated to software download sales. This platform includes the most recent front-office features, resulting in an improved product display and an optimisation of sales. Moreover, Nexway implemented a real-time access to the e-commerce website via its new SaaS interface “Digital Cocoon”, which allows external partners to manage marketing animation, pricing management, reporting, sales and traffic statistics.
Nexway will also provide e-marketing support and handle all customer care services. To do so, Nexway has integrated the full Softwareload database to its e-CRM tools in order to further optimise and develop the e-commerce strategy.
With regards to content, Nexway supplies a wide and diverse catalogue of software products, specifically designed to address German and European customers. It includes the following product ranges: Security (i.e. Kaspersky, Symantec, etc.), Office (Microsoft suites), Utilities (i.e. TuneUp, etc.), Leisure Multimedia (i.e. Magix, Nero, etc.), Management Accounting (i.e. Lexware, Sage, etc.), or Translation Software Dictionaries. Nexway content input is highly suitable for Softwareload”s traffic and sales requirements.
“In 2009 Nexway enabled Softwareload”s portals in Great Britain and Switzerland. Proven e-Commerce know-how, as well as an extensive product catalogue makes Nexway our first choice as operator of our shops in Europe.” Daniel Eder, Head of Softwareload.
“I am very happy and excited to support such a European market-leader in the new markets that are digital distribution and consumption of software products. This partnership seals the encounter of two digital e-Commerce pioneers, who have both succeeded in their respective fields. It also confirms Nexway”s current positioning, competitiveness, and European leadership. The extensive resources and unique positioning that Softwareload is currently enjoying in Germany, will also open the door to interesting perspectives that other accomplishments will soon illustrate.” Gilles Ridel, CEO of Nexway.

About Nexway :

Nexway is a French company specialised in two distinct activities: the supply of digital content on one hand, and e-Commerce Solutions for games and software publishers on the other.

As a digital content provider, Nexway supplies the main e-Commerce and internet players (Dell, Orange,, Deutsche Telekom AG, Telefonica, TTnet, etc.) with an extensive catalogue of software and video games which holds more than 12,000 references. The integration can be conducted via its white-label e-Commerce platform (Digital Channel), or via its product feed (Digital Content). As the leader in its field, Nexway is also the sole appointed distributor of Microsoft products in Southern Europe.

As an e-Commerce Solutions provider, Nexway also delivers its “Digital Store” offer on an international scale. Nexway thereby addresses End Users and/or publishers” retailers, via dedicated e-commerce download platforms, while using the most advanced sales models such as subscription, membership, item selling, or in-product stores. Renowned publishers such as Kaspersky or Gravity have added Nexway”s “Digital Store” and its associated services to the scope of their online sales strategy. These services regroup all the necessary modules and services to allow publishers to optimise their client lifecycle (acquisition, retention, optimisation…).

Standing upon a well-established e-Commerce expertise and know-how, Nexway is present on all the main markets worldwide, and works with a local approach as closely as possible from its end-users. Based in France, Nexway employs 150 collaborators spread across Europe, Japan, the United States, Canada and Brazil.

Nexway SAS
Christian Sedille
1 Boulevard des Bouvets
92741 Nanterre
+33 (0)1 55 17 15 89

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